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Popcorn Fridays

Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Coordinator: Gina Herrera



The PTO bought the popcorn machine for the purpose of raising funds and providing incentives for various events and activities. Thus any Markham group who would like to raise funds or needs to use it for incentives or morale may use it.  

Since it cost over a thousand dollars to buy, special care is needed to make sure it will last a long time. Therefore, any group who would like to use it must have at least two volunteers to help.
The cost of using the popcorn machine is:
$30.00 for popping the large box of kernels(about 250 bags of popcorn)
This cost includes oil, popcorn, popcorn salt, paper bags, and cleaning supplies for the machine. 
Fridays will be the designated day for classes to sell popcorn.  There is also a $50 fee for not cleaning the machine properly.
If your group or class would like to use the popcorn machine, here is what is required:
1.     Talk with Gina Herrera 
2.     Follow the Popcorn Guidelines and Procedures.
3.     Please leave money collected in the office for Alex L., our treasurer, who will deposit the money in the bank.  
        The funds will be available whenever the group or teacher needs it.  Keep receipts for reimbursement.  
        Reimbursement forms can be found in the PTO hanging file in Room 10.
Thank you,
The PTO Board