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PTO Vision

PTO Vision

Markham PTO’s Mission

To provide Markham children with the tools to become tomorrow’s leaders through enriched educational experiences and community building.
Markham PTO’s Goals
1.    Organizational Structure and Team
2.    Collaborative Relationship with administration and teachers.
3.    Transparency and Controls with finances.
4.    Fundraising
5.    Better Communication with Markham Community
6.    Community Building across language and culture barriers
7.    Enriched educational support

We have several Board members who are bilingual and are helping our PTO reach more of our Markham families.  At every PTO meeting there is translation available and we hope to soon have all our minutes and agendas in both languages in our effort to be more inclusive. 

If you are new to the Markham family, this is an excellent place to get to know people and begin to feel part of the school community.  If you can not attend the general PTO meetings but would like to know how to get involved, please feel free to leave a note at the office for one of our board members or email us at .