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Enrollment Procedures

Parents and guardians of incoming kindergarten students can pick up registration packets at their Home Elementary School. Markham area parents can pick up their packets in the front office at Markham.

Priority is given to:

  1. Markham neighborhood students
  2. Siblings of currently enrolled SPICE students
  3. Other VUSD students
  4. Students from other school districts

To be considered for enrollment in the SPICE, an interested family needs to do the following:

  • Attend one of the Parent Informational Meetings. TBD 
  • Attend one of the Classroom Observation Days.   TBD


Once these requirements have been met, then the interested family can participate in the lottery in mid-May. Families will be notified if they are accepted into the program by the end of May.


Who can participate?

Any kindergarten student can participate. Classes are balanced among the language groups.

There is no specific criterion, but rather parents choose to enroll their child in the Dual Immersion Program, committing to a period of seven years (K-6).

Usually, children enter the Dual Immersion Program at kindergarten. Sometimes students choose and qualify to enter at later grade levels. Please contact the office to make an appointment if your child is older than kindergarten age and you are interested in SPICE.